Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ganja Romanticized

Blogger's Note: This is another repost from adonisextreme.multiply.com

I went to hell last night! It started with a spark and the fire started to consume the weed. The smoke crept its way into my lungs and in a matter of minutes, everything sounded like an orchestra of nymphs in an underwater realm. That's the moment when you start to realize what music is made for. You learn how to appreciate every single sound that separates itself from the music, at the same time you love the music as a whole. You start laughing and you don't see any reason why cuz you don't look for reasons. And it's not that you don't wanna look for reasons. It's just that there's no reason to look for reasons. Instead, you just laugh and laugh and feel good. And when your eyes open, every flicker of light seems like an apparition of some divinity. You capture each spark and the glow freezes for as long as you want it. And everything moves in slow motion and yet each "moment" moves so fast. One frame seems so distant as soon as it is replaced by another. You relish one frame and you feel so nostalgic over the previous frame and at the same time you can hardly wait for the next.
So I took another puff and it went straight into my stomach and everything that's in came out. And my mouth was all but a vent brimming over with all things undesirable. I was still sober enough to search for the nearest faucet to purge my gut of the nasty blend of rum, saltines and burger. Then I took a seat. Then everything was intensified...the smell of flowers coming from nowhere...the sounds around and even the activities of all my organs down to the minutest nerve endings. Then all of a sudden "Goodbye nice to know you..." started to sound scary. And when I opened my eyes, the light was blinding. And the blinding sensation scared me more. Then I felt my throat dry. That's when I started feeling really scared. And my throat transforms into a canoe paddling through the darkest swamp. And it starts getting filled with water. I start drowning. I gasp for breath. Then I had my friend lead me to bed. When I lay in bed, I felt the comfort of the cushion...but not for long. The darkness started to consume me. And I felt all the pain and sorrow. I'm burning but there's no flame and at the same time I'm drowning but there's no water. My gut fills up with liquid inching its way up to my nostrils. Then I'm suspended in air, my limbs numb and limp. I'm drifting away while I stay trapped in a jelly of seawater. Then I'm swirling and the jelly turns into an ominous whirlpool. I keep screaming for rescue and my scream is deafening but not a single audible sound comes out of my mouth. I'm desperate, sorrowful, scared and hopeless all at the same time. And that's the time when you realize you're in hell. You want to snap out of it but your heart starts pounding and you feel your nostrils all blocked. And every blood vessel in your brain feels like it's waiting to burst. Then my friend helped me get out of it. Then I started laughing and laughing again. Laughing at the thirty minutes I spent in hell all worried, panicky and scared. And I remembered the scary feeling. Then I started shivering again and at the same time I started laughing. Then my laugh sounded like a foreboding pulsation of a drum. I laughed the scary and scared laugh. I felt happy and scared at the same time for the first time. And I started to picture coffee and milk becoming Milo. That was a sensation I will never forget. You feel bliss in hell and pain in heaven. Everything seemed so real and I got another picture of how reality is!


  1. masama ata talaga pinag sasabay ang alak at weed ser...

  2. very vivid, don! reading this got me stoked. "coffee and milk becoming milo." that's fun!


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