Friday, August 31, 2018


I miss my childhood years. Back then, I'd just knock on neighbors' doors, and me and three of my friends would be off to Pantalan. Now Carigara Bay has been transformed from a once clear and blue bay to a murky  body of water--a helpless victim to siltation due to unregulated logging for more than two decades. But the sunset is still beautiful. No big ships still dock there so its long stretch is still a lovely place to spend the late afternoons. Two decades from now, a young Carigaran-on today could be reminiscing about this sunset.

I want to go solo camping in Alegria but a guide is required now. I don't mind the fee, I just don't need some unsolicited company.

I am now in the tiny island of Mactan but all the beautiful shorelines have been fenced by resorts. So much for my Boca del Cielo daydreaming!

Apparently what we see in movies where you just get outside and find a place where you could contemplate and meditate has become more and more elusive.

But I believe I'll find one such place once again. I just know so.

YOU deserve a holiday!
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