Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Coast to Coast Route Setting (Cebu)

The coast-to-coast quest

The idea was to find a route from the west coast to the east coast of southern Cebu. Alegria would be the default origin in the west and Alcoy would be the terminus on the east.
So instead of celebrating Sinulog with the rest of Cebu City, I once again headed for the south.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Travel Beyond Blogs

With a few more weeks left before my ultra trail race, I decided to have my training run and break in my new trail shoes during the rainy weekend. While others ran the wet streets of the city for the Cebu City Marathon, I was running the hills in the south.

It was a typical Alegria weekend getaway for me. I packed three sets of clothes, my hydration pack, my running shoes, some fishing stuff and a box of munchkins for the kids in Sitio Tumandok. I was hoping to do a little fishing once I got there but the drizzle never stopped and the sea was turbulent over the whole weekend. The weather also made the kids in Sitio Tumandok uninterested in gathering around for our regular reading sessions so I just contented myself with a PBA game show on TV. Television’s gotten boring for me so I don’t watch TV anymore these days. I am a 90’s PBA fan and so it was a surprise for me to see Tim Cone still in the league and an even bigger surprise to see Pumaren, Abarrientos and Cariaso in suits instead of their jerseys. I watched a couple of more forgettable TV shows after dinner before I turned in. Drowning the sound of the TV still on, the roaring tide was my lullaby.

YOU deserve a holiday!
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