Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mt. Timbak: The Never-Before-Seen Edition

You can all flock to La Presa so I can have this view all to myself

Mt. Timbak has been an easy prey for climbers who want to have an 8000+ footer under their belts. Being an easy hike, it often becomes a side trip or a pre-trip to Mt Pulag. And this is how the full splendor of Mt Timbak evades the hurrying tourist.

The glorious sunset of Mt Timbak
Four days ago, while waiting for the endorsement letter (for my ultimate journey) from the governor, I decided to pay a visit to my favorite hideaway in Benguet--Mt Timbak.

And yet another good vista at the summit
In the three days and three nights I spent there, I learned more lessons in life and I got to accomplish a ten-year old mission! I was finally able to see close at hand the unnamed waterfall I had been intending to get to. I had to climb down and up Mt Timbak's version of the Akiki trail to gape at the tallest waterfall I've seen in my life.

I used to always stick my head out of the window on the bus coursing Halsema Highway just to have a glimpse of you!

Now I've finally seen you from the top, side and bottom!

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Ultimate Lagataw Journey

Can my Mobex last six months?

Ten years of travelling is probably enough to prepare me for my ultimate journey.

Many would liken this to Supertramping but just like most of my journeys I don't intend to emulate any personage. And I don't want to be different either. Without reference to any other activity, I do what I come up with.

I leave tonight but I don't know when the journey's gonna end. I don't have a concrete plan for my journey, I let my destination guide my way and determine how everything's gonna unfold. I always welcome changes! After all, that's what life is all about! One thing's for sure, though. I plan to be off the grid while doing this. And I'll probably be under the radar throughout the journey.
This is all the plan I have

I would just like to thank my two friends Melo Sanchez of Tingguian Tribe (the official shelter of Lagataw) and Christian Zamora for going out of his way to help me out with the stuff I need.

YOU deserve a holiday!
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