Thursday, December 9, 2010

This site is under construction

This is still the same me. LAGATAW

I'll be keeping my write-ups here. Watch out for more. I'm still learning the ropes of!


  1. Wow! that's why i couldn't see any updates in anymore. Looking forward to more reads here sir Adonis! Nice new look by the way!


  2. Ser...Yep...relocating. Multiply is not friendly to anonymous comments so I decided to relocate. How did you find out about this? I haven't plugged this yet.hehe I was planning to publish this when I've changed the URL into early next year. Still learning the ropes.hehe But I'll still be posting photos at my multiply page. doesn't seem to be photo- and video-friendly.

    Which Mark by the way?

    Thanks for the view and congratulations for being the first one to comment.hehe

  3. I will be looking forward to the opening of this page. Keep up the good word, Don. You have my support! God bless!

  4. I've been waiting for this site to open. My mentor must have been slacking off too much. Hehe. All my support, mentor. ;)


YOU deserve a holiday!
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