Thursday, January 27, 2011

Five Years and Fifty Mountains

These are some of the mountains I've climbed within the last five years. Watching this slideshow, I couldn't help feeling nostalgic over the past! In a way, collecting memories is a bad idea. Because every time you look back at these moments, you'll miss those times and remember the excitement, fervor and spirit while you were still in those exploits-in-the-making. And you know that's all you can do now! MISS them. You wish that you could just go back to those days when you were so ecstatic the first time you saw the monolith in Pico de Loro. You'll want to go back to the day you felt like you were in Heaven when you saw the sea of clouds in Mt Pulag for the first time. But wish as you may, you can never turn back the hands of time. You don't find use for your camera anymore when you climb because you've taken a picture of the same vista from all possible angles. You don't feel that happy anymore when you traverse the river from Buruwisan to Sampaloc. All you do is look at those smiles of your companions hoping that those smiles can help you remember and relive the feeling but to no avail. All you can do is to tell yourself "Sigh! I used to have that grin!". Such is the bitterness of the past! And if what I'm feeling now is sweet sorrow, I can't imagine what Sir Edwin Gatia and the rest of those 80's mountaineers feel every time they see pictures of themselves on top of mountains in proud blue jeans!


  1. Looking back at the last 30 or so years of being in the great outdoors in the country, I sometimes can't help but feel highly emotional and deeply nostalgic of that by-gone era of the "Golden Years" of Philippine mountaineering... I feel not only ecstatic of having been at the summit of all those peaks, but delight in the thought that somehow we have accomplished in paving the way for the next generation... the youth of those times --who are now the mountaineers of today... and who will eventually decide on the future course Philippine mountaineering is to take . . . .
    (Edwin V. Gatia)

  2. The video is great!!'m impressed in the editing and presentation....

  3. @edga(r) thanks! I was just playing with Windows MovieMaker.
    @Sir Edwin Gatia: It is an honor to have your words in my blog sir! I hope I could meet you someday...there in the US or back here in the P.I.
    Thanks to the gift you gave the us, the new generation mountaineers of the country!

  4. Nice video sir.i've been following your blogs for a long time now and i must say that i envy you for all the adventures that you had.More power Sir and goodluck on your journey.By the way, who is the artist and whats the title of the song you used in the video?Thanks sir. - Doms

  5. Thanks Sir Doms! I'll be posting more stuff here. I'm just real busy with work this time! There's nothing to be envious can always set out on your journeys when you have time!
    That's the Kooks by the way. One of my favorite bands!

  6. Impressive sir Don.. YOu inspire me to set my journey and to go out and experience what's out there.. Thanks..

  7. @Sir JM: That's my advocacy: SHARING! Anyone can set out on their most feared adventures: all one has to do is to take the first step! Tara, T5-Ice tau sa Grilla!hehe

  8. I strongly wish that I could just go back to those days when I was so ecstatic the first time I saw the monolith in Pico de Loro...!!!!!

    this article taught me that "you know that's all you can do now!"

    untill yesterday I alway looked those pictures but I notice that I gotta progress beacuse of this article.
    thank you :D

  9. salamat sa post mo na ito sir adonis.. pinalungkot mo ako..hehehe.. but then this is reality.. all we could do is to MISS those days and those PEOPLE..(buntonghininga)

  10. Thanks for dropping by. Played the video again (twice)...and I started missing again my first climb buddies!

  11. I wonder what would you feel after watching this video again. :)


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