Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For Anonymous

There's a limit to the number of characters in a comment. So I'm posting this as blog entry! You may see his/her comment on this link.

Thanks for that comment! Comments like yours motivate me to write more! I mean it's full of substance! May sense! Thinking out of the box! I hope you're not -waters-. You seem to have the same way of thinking! And i love it! I reiterate, it's full of substance and not just the ordinary wow-ang-galing-mo-naman-ser line! And I encourage comments like yours...if you really wanna know the truth, i encourage hate comments in my blog! I don't want a blog with just the monotonous WOW's! I would rather have something 'spicier'. So thanks for 'spicing' up my blog!
OK, to answer your question. I'll start with a confession! I am probably the most cynical and skeptical person you'll ever know. I see evil in good deeds! I never just 'thought' I MIGHT have haters! I have always been CERTAIN I have haters! There's one comment here from 'yourfriendlyneighborhoodclimberwithoutrules' which was not so ordinary. Just look it up here! When I first saw it, that was the time I first confronted the thing that I always suspected--that I had haters. Of course it would be so hard to believe and accept at first. But time heals all wounds! And thanks to my Philosophy lessons, I can always make justifications for anything. But haters don't affect me that much! It is healthy to have haters! Even Jesus had haters! Michael Jackson had haters! The Beatles got their fair share of rotten tomatoes and so did the ancient thinkers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Even a person as insignificant as Aling Iska or Mang Domeng have haters! Being hated is normal! This is an indication that you're human and there are humans around you! Only humans hate! But let's try to put it less philosophically. When you have haters, and these haters don't know you personally, it means you're starting to make some noise or some kind of a wave or a revolution or a religion! You start to gain followers at the same time, the number of your haters builds up! This is normal. Because when you make some noise, you're making a stand. And when you make a stand, you are waging a war against half of the population of the dichotomous universe. You try to stay in the middle; you die! And no one will believe you! You're not strong enough to stand by what you believe in! So you gotta make a stand in a lot of things!
Now on the pasikat issue! It is indeed PASIKAT! Because everything else is pasikat! The color of your jeans is pasikat, the profile picture on your Facebook is pasikat! But if this may adorn my pasikat in any way, I am doing pasikat just to tell everybody that an average Joe like me can also do it!
And on this Average Joe issue, it's only either "hardcore si Adonis" or "wala naman talagang hardcore kasi si Adonis nga na lampa, kayang gawin yan e!". And if you don't believe that I am just an average Joe, it's not my ballgame anymore. Ikaw na ang nagbuhat ng bangko ko!
And when I use the second person pronoun 'you', I refer to people in general and not just the author of the previous comment.
To stretch the inquiry further, yep some of those are just nambobola! Pero ayus lang yun kung binobola ka basta di ka nagpapabola! Pero kung may bilib ka talaga sa sarili mo, hindi ka na naaapektuhan ng bola o pamimintas. Kasi sa loob mo alam mo may ibubuga ka! At mas masarap ang pakiramdam kung alam mong handa ka sa kahit anumang hamon nila!
Pero madami sa aking mga readers ay na-meet ko na! At pinapakita ko sa kanila na I am just  as ordinary or extraordinary as they are! And the 'fans' become my equals and being already my equal, they are fully convinced that they too can do it--which is my ultimate goal! To tell everyone that THEY TOO CAN DO IT! And eventually make them stop idolizing me!
I'll leave you with this line that I got from my mountaineering mentor!
Sabi ko dati sa kanya: "Alam mo Jep, bilib talaga ako sa classmate kong si TJ Isla (who emerged vicotious in the recently concluded Pharmaton MVP Challenge): magaling mag-basketball, matalino, pogi, swerte sa girlfriend, may kaya, mabait kaya gusto ng lahat, hindi nakakalimot magsimba, para siyang santo"
Ang sabi sa akin ng mentor ko
"Alam mo Dons, kung may idol ka, sino pang a-idol sayo?!"
Let's all idolize ourselves!


  1. Whatever you do or say,,People will always find something to say.Thats human nature. People will always think that they are better than you. So why bother, why waste our time thinking about those people.We cannot please them anyway. Lets just do what we love doing, and at the end of the day, sit down for a bottle or two. What they say wont matter. Just keep on rockin.. just tell them get lost and get a life..:)

  2. @ sir helmet:

    HUMAN nature meaning WE (people) right? So, you have said something to someone's craft and vice versa

    Sir Helmet, may I ask same question to you? I believe you are also one of the hardcore hikers who has summited the toughest peaks in the Phil. Just correct me if i'm wrong...And also I believe you have posted your extreme shots on the peaks with the sea of clouds as your backgroud...I'm pretty sure your viewers put their "WOW ASTIG" comments.

    What do you feel if you read those comments? have you thought that maybe behind those comments are some haters hiding behind that applause?

    Pls don't get me wrong i'm just a curious idiot!


  3. Actually it's just a question of whether you see the glass is half-empty or half-full. If you keep thinking that there is flattery behind every praise you get, then you'll never really feel happy! Unless you derive pleasure out of the knowledge that people hate you, in which case, you'll be abnormal or inordinary (to be more euphemistic)! You're sick! In addition, those who genuinely look up to you will be disappointed! Whether they really praise you or not, you will never really know! So the question is "Is the glass half-empty or half-full?"

  4. @Sir Adonis
    Does it mean you don't believe every praise you get?

    So you consider some like "nambobola lang" behind that "WOW ASTIG" comments? hehehe

    How do you know that the praise you get is genuinely true and "wlang halong pambobola"?

    Sorry if i'm messing up your page...


  5. @waters
    S'funny! My answer came before your question! Just read the comment right above yours...smiley
    Or if it wasn't that clear, here goes...
    1. Do I consider a particular praise as pambobola?
    --It's a question of whether you see the glass as half-empty or half-full! I'd like to see it half-full!
    2. How do I know if they're genuine?
    --"Whether they really praise you or not, you'll never really know!"...So I'd rather look at it in a positive light than make the people who genuinely look up to me, disappointed!

    Nope you're not messing up my page at all!
    Keep the questions coming!

  6. Or if you want something I learned from Metaphysics,
    You wake up in the morning and you get an SMS from your mom. It says. 'GOOD MORNING' smile probabaly because it is in allcaps
    Second message is from your boyfriend: 'Good Morning' smile probably because it's him.
    Third message is from your best friend: 'Good Morning'. you smile too.
    But you know each of those three smiles represents a different degree of pleasure. But the messages are basically the same. Why do you accord a certain degree of pleasure to a certain message which is basically the same as the other messages? Why do you react in a different way to a certain message which is syntactically congruent to the other messages? Only you can answer that! It is a private activity. And no matter how hard and desperately you try to explain it or justify it to a third person, there is no guarantee that the third person really got what you mean. Simply because it is a private activity and it is METAPHYSICAL!

    I might be happier when I see a 'WOW ASTIG' from A than a 'WOW ASTIG' from B. And both A and B are strangers to me. Why? you have to be me first to understand why.
    In like manner, C's 'I"M AN AVID READER OF YOURS' will just be met by cynicism while D's 'I'M A BIG FAN OF YOURS' will be welcomed cordially. Why? again, it is a private activity!

  7. First of all I would like to thank the author for acknowledging my posts here. That’s what I like most in posting here I always get philosophical, scientific, now metaphysics replies. You know, I feel that you are not only a hardcore mountaineer but also a teacher and definitely a good writer. (Genuine! heheh)
    Yes, you are absolutely right of seeing whether they really praise you or not. Nobody knows, except the poster “maybe”. Yes, I will never know if I’m beginning to get on your nerves. (Because of my posts) hope not!

    Sir you are a deep person (English correct?) heheh

    I want to learn more from you..More power!


  8. Uy me ganito? Wag make patol na lang. Accept the praises na lang as it is.

    Kasalanan mo to adonis, nagdayhike ka kasi ng Akiki-Amba eh. Kaw talaga. Hahaha.

    - BPS

  9. ang lalim naman...pero interesting. : ) - Dom

  10. “I've always tried to stay true to my authentic self. I think sometimes people project things on you, but I'm trying to handle everything that's happened to me with a certain amount of grace, dignity and good manners. You just can't necessarily win all the time.”

    “You can't please everyone, and you can't make everyone like you,”

    qoutes by --Katie Couric--


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