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Mt Cristobal Traverse Day Hike Video Itinerary

My first climb in Mt Cristobal (April 2008)

We started the expedition at Christian Zamora's Campsite in Pala-Pala, Dasmariñas, Cavite on the night of July 1st. We downed two bottles of rum and headed for Daniel Buyco's place in Bayan (Dasma) at around 1 am (July 2). Yep, not so much of a plan! The climb was supposed to be that way: guided by trust and luck! All three of us had climbed the Kinabuhayan side of Cristobal anyway! But what we did is not recommended for beginners. We didn't care where we would exit. Nobody researched about it. We just knew that there were two exit points: Nagcarlan and another one which we had not heard of. It turned out we were going to exit at that less popular exit point (Rizal, Laguna). We (Daniel, Kevin and I) commenced the trek at Kinabuhayan at 12:30 pm! We reached the Montelibanos' place at 1 pm. We ate our (Andok's) Dokito Fritos and resumed trek around 1:40pm.

We reached the crater lake around 3pm. It started to rain when I started filming. Should have asked permission from the spirits!

We reached the summit at around 3:30 pm. The view would have been breath-taking without the clouds that obscured the seven lakes. The steep descent is not friendly to toenails so cut them before the trek!

From the summit down to this point (Panuyuan @ 3:50pm), there is a clear slippery trail. I'm sorry, when I said kaliwa I was referring to my left. When you're trekking, where I'm standing should be on your right going up. When you reach the 'Sagingan' part, the trail becomes difficult to locate and follow. After the Sagingan, it gets even trickier when the talahib gets really tall as they cover the trail! Then when you've gone out the national park, you'll encounter isolated vegetable gardens that somehow hide the trail. 

This is the point where you're almost outside the national park area. The trail will at times be hidden on the sides of isolated vegetable gardens.

The hill which I'm referring to here is probably referred to as Ermita by the locals. The trail will be very clear at this point. The black volcanic trail will lead you through some houses and will be cemented even before reaching Brgy. Tala.

I consumed only one bottle of Cobra, 250ml of water, my packed lunch, a bar of Kitkat, and shared with my companions 2 packs of pineapple tidbits and the hopia. I replaced my lost electrolytes with 500ml of Pocari Sweat after the trek. I feel energized when I don't drink a lot water  on the trail. But it is always good to bring more water than you expect to consume. You never know when you'll have to call for an emergency camp.

I was carrying the following in my Columbia Mobex:
1.5L of water, two bottles of Cobra and another bottle for my Hydrite.
Andok's Dokito Frito + rice
A pair of sandals
Garmin C60x (GPS device)
A set of change of clothes
3 pouches of pineapple tidbits
A pack of Hopia (baboy flavor)
3 bars of chocolate
my headlamp
my camera
my mobile phone

Saturday July, 2, 2011

0900hrs: ETD @ Bayan, Dasmariñas, Cavite for Palapala
0930hrs: ETD @ Palapala for San Pablo
1100hrs: ETA San Pablo, Laguna
1115hrs: ETD for Kinabuhayan
1230hrs: ETA Kinabuhayan. Start Trek
1300hrs: ETA The Montelibanos’ place
1340hrs: Resume trek
1500hrs: ETA Crater Lake
1530hrs: ETA Summit
1550hrs: ETA Panuyuan station
1620hrs: ETA Sagingan area
1650hrs: ETA Talahiban
1820hrs: Ermita (hill with the cross)
1930hrs: Brgy Tala hall (before the bridge)
1950hrs: ETA Highway (Rizal, Laguna). Change clothes at another Brgy Hall. Take the jeepney bound for San Pablo.
2010hrs: ETA San Pablo, Laguna. Take the bus bound for Manila
2200hrs: ETA Manila


Palapala—San Pablo
San Pablo—Kinabuhayan
Rizal—San Pablo
San Pablo—Manila
Safe budget
* If you’re coming from Manila, just head straight to San Pablo City. Get off at the bus stop (near the  medical center) and get a tricycle (P40/trip) to the market (tell the driver you’ll take the jeepney to Kinabuhayan).
We were able to avoid registration fees because of the unlikely times that we showed up at the entry and exit points.

Me, Daniel, Kevin and the two dogs having lunch at The Montelibanos'  place
Many thanks to my companions Daniel Buyco and Kevin Jauod for their trust, speed and strength.

Special thanks to Dennis Hisanan for a very helpful tip. I phoned him at the Saddle Campsite and ask for tips on the way down. That was the first time I heard of Brgy Tala in Rizal, Laguna.

my track logs

altitude profile (L-R: Kinabuhayan-Rizal)


  1. Sir Adonis. Tayak hill po yung burol na may krus. :)

  2. Sir Adonis, bilib tlg ako sa courage mo :) your one of a kind :) keep it up.


  3. Kudos to all 3 of you..,Good job guys

  4. Very useful materials More blessing GOD BLESS...

  5. Sir Lagataw, Good day! We're planning to climb Mt.Cristobal two (2) weeks from now. I read your Itinerary and we'd probably use it. I just want to ask Sir if we need a guide. And if we do, do you have a referral? Thank you Sir. God Bless. - POPO of Saint Martin De Porres Mountaineers

  6. Sir Popo...if you're leading a group of five or more and some of them are new to mountaineering (less than five climbs)...I suggest that you get a guide. I have not hired a guide in Mt Cristobal so I can't personally recommend anyone. But Mam Rhovee Dadis who guides climbers in Mt Cristobal, recommended these people: 1. Kuya Domeng--as soon as you get to Brgy Kinabuhayan, ask the people around for the name Kuya Domeng...unfortunately, he probably has no mobile phone...2. Manny Rosales can also guide you and he is in charge of the registration/permit. And this is his number: 09157484008
    Ingat kayo.

  7. Thank you for the details Sir. I'll post it in PINOYMOUNTAINEER site as well for future reference to other climbers. God Bless and good luck to your next adventures. - POPO

  8. Success climb Sir Lagataw! Salamat! More Power.. - POPO of SMMC

  9. bro saan sa pala pala ang sakayan papuntang san pablo? then from san pablo ano mode of transfort papuntang kinabuhayan?salamat dack k-nyt

  10. hi sir? i called the number shown for manny rosales but its a wrong number according to receiver. kindly provide us a number. we are planning to climb cristobal next month. thank you and Godspeed. btw, thank you for your detailed IT. -mark

    1. as much as I wanna help you on this, the number posted above was just a repost from a friend. I don't know Manny Rosales personally. And I am now based in Cebu.
      In the meantime, you can just ask help from any member of the Facebook group Let's Unite All Climbers in the Philippines. It's a cornucopia of Philippine mountaineering information.


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