Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Geronimo Rectum Pablo

Who is Geronimo Rectum Pablo?

You might not know his name but you sure as hell have seen his ass in one form or another on the mountaintops of the Philippines!

This ass-showcasing of his has attracted a variety of reactions from outdoorspeople on social networking sites. But what really is the deal behind the behind of Geronimo Rectum Pablo?! You’ll find out soon in my next post.

This man behind the cause 'Cancer Kissed My Ass' will answer the following questions in my next post.

       1.       What is Cancer Kissed My Ass?
a.       When/how was the inception?
b.      Mission and/or vision (or What do you wish to accomplish out of this?)
c.       People behind the scenes
        2.       How do you carry out this project?
a.       How is it similar to / different from other projects?
        3.       What made you start this project?
        4.       Tell me something about rectal cancer(???). How is life with this cancer? How does it feel   to survive this cancer?

        5.       Why should people support your cause?

        6.       Why should people not support your cause?

        7.       Showing your behind in public may seem offensive and lewd to others. How do you react to this?

        8.       Who is Geronimo Rectum Pablo?

       9.       Please provide the website/webpage of this project. I would also like to request for (an) image(s) that I can use in my article.

10.  You may have addressed this in #2 but just in case…One might say ‘There is already CAC! Why don’t you just join them?!’ 


YOU deserve a holiday!

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