Sunday, March 3, 2013

Minglanilla-Cantabaco Run

Jake entering Campo Siete 

Trail running is starting to feel like climbing where we can find new friends and good views. Last weekend, I realized that in trail running, we can also EXPLORE!
the Cantabaco crag as seen from the trails of Minglanilla
Jake and I have already run two routes in the Minglanilla-Cantabaco area. The first one was the Minglanilla loop and the other one was via Manipis-Jaclupan road terminating at Cantabaco.
our previous routes

yellow: our newest route
Last weekend, while everyone thronged the Xterra, Jake and I ran the isolated trails of Minglanilla and and Cantabaco. This time, we linked our two previous routes starting from Minglanilla then exiting the woods in Campo Siete and finally ending at Sir Raymund’s place in Cantabaco.
a very good place and time to run
Running has never been this fun!
Distance: 16.9km
Moving time: 2h 24min
Stop time: 14min 48sec
The finish line's at the top!

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