Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Update on Climbing Mt Halcon

This information can help you avoid unauthorized climbs by organizers along with the risk of getting apprehended by authorities and getting overcharged by the organizers. My friend Kat Ocol recently visited the Baco tourism office and they have just released a new set of rules and regulations.

1. Mt Halcon is open for climbing from FEBRUARY 1 to MAY 31 of each year ONLY.

I hope the wide space accentuated rule #1.

2. Registration fee/permit is 375 php per head
3. Ratio of mountaineers to guides is 7:1. You may get additional guides if needed
4. Cost of guide/porter is 500 per head per day
5. A limit of 15 kg of will be carried by both mountaineer and guides/porters (tourism will weigh everyone's bags before you hike)
6. In relation to #4 logging in at the police station AND the tourism office is MANDATORY.

quoting Kat
"The tourism office is well aware of the backdoor climbs that have been happening for the past years and they already have the names of the organizers who have been bypassing the laws and charging their clients very high rates just to get to the dive board, ergo, i am pretty much sure this is bad news for some. for more info, please read the attached scanned copies of the laws in the topic."
PS: if you have concerns or if you want to book your climb scheds, message Baco Tourism. they will be posting the climb rates and the new laws (hopefully) soon. for now, please share.



  1. thank you so much for posting. i am currently creating my own post about this soon.

  2. I want to conquer Mt. Halcon before it closes again this year. If anyone is organizing a hike to Halcon, please kindly send me a message at 0922 898 7490 (sun) or send me an email at

    Was originally scheduled to hike this mountain this week (mar 18-22) but due to a storm coming, i was forced to cancel my plan.

  3. im planing of organizing climb to mt. Halcon hopefully before end of they only allowed it until may 31 of this year..basically a 4 day itinerary.. ianyone with a helping hand is welcome to make this climb possible.. im a native of mindoro currently residing in manila... so this make it a lot easier..

  4. im planning of organizing climb before it close this anyone there got a heart to conquer it ...msg me for details 09399634682


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