Sunday, August 9, 2015

Honey a la Fear Factor

If it's white then it has larvae

Everyone loves honey but have you tried eating a honeycomb? 

How about a honeycomb with larvae?! That was the first time I did it. But the maggot-like creatures didn't bother me that much. I mean nothing could get any more authentic than that. 

I was just feeling my tongue for itchiness because I was worried that I had some undiscovered allergy to beeswax or bee larvae. The place was three hours away from the nearest clinic.

Okay you may have passed the larvae challenge but what if I told you that this honey could have been harvested from the most repulsive of places!

Honey-hunting is very common in this place. Even kids know the right time of day to hunt for beehives. Somehow, the bees here have learned to adapt to this unfavorable circumstance. They have learned to build their hives in places that humans may have a hard time accessing. It is common to see little openings in tombs in this place, where the bees hide their honey.

I wonder whether the bees knew that these structures are too sacred for humans to yank open!

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