Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why Do I Climb?

Do I?! As far as I'm concerned, I just travel. I was a beach bum until my right eardrum got perforated. And I have long given up my dream of becoming a surfer! I don't know what a real climber or mountaineer is. But I do know what traveling means. Some people tell me "You're a hardcore mountaineer!". I'm not! I just have the money and the time. I have climbed with individuals far tougher than I am. No, I'm not trying to sound humble. One of my buddies actually carried my backpack while I was dragging my legs up Akiki trail back when I was younger (and stronger)! Another could barely wait for me while we were exploring the four lakes of Ballay in Kabayan, Benguet (I was trailing behind him with my sprained knee)! There are a lot of 'tambays' who deserve to be called a 'hardcore mountaineer' more than I do. Most of them just don't have the money. Some others just have other priorities. And still some just happen to be in another place.

I am just an average Joe trying to test my limits while experiencing and learning from LIFE! I just have this unquenchable thirst to discover new things and just be alone in a new place! And in the midst of that place, see myself in a different light.

Climbing is not just for the tough ones. Learning is for Everybody! You can do it too!

Start Exploring and Find Yourself!


  1. Mabuhay Ka pre! -Leo M.

  2. wow, good . me too,..ehehehe i dont even say to my self im a mountaineer. ehehehe. i am just traveling.


YOU deserve a holiday!
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