Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Dogs and a Chicken on Charles Darwin

the white doggie breast-feeding the spoiled chicken
Climbing mountains is tough! But if you just open your eyes you'll know that each mountain has some interesting story to tell! My most recent climb in Mt Arayat (April 10) taught me something about PEACE and ORDER. Animals (and people for that matter) normally compete for food! And most of the time we are slaves to a survival-of-the-fittest type of society. But two dogs and a chicken emancipated themselves from this pagan law! We were having lunch at Sinukuan Peak while the two dogs and the chicken were busy with their second-hand meal under our table. We would throw morsels to them and no fights nor angry growls ensued from their playful scuffle. The rule was simple: whoever catches the morsel owns it. The loser just waits for the next pitch! Well, that applies to the two dogs. The spoiled chicken, being the weaker and slower between the two species, is given a special privilege. She is allowed to snatch pieces of meat hanging out of either dogs' mouth. I wish people could be like this little family of animals in Mt Arayat! I wish we could learn how to GIVE WAY and UNDERSTAND.
And that's how they live in peace and order at 3385 feet above sea level. But I hate to break your hearts, but the military personnel domesticating these animals said the chicken is scheduled to be butchered within this month! Very soon, the dogs won't know it's the meat of their little two-legged friend that they're scrambling for! George Orwell must have gotten his inspiration from a similar scenario!

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