Thursday, September 1, 2011

Into the Wild

Inspired by the lines and characters he read in books, he started thinking about LIFE
He wanted to be FREE so he left everything behind—MONEY, FAMILY, FUTURE and NAME.
Then he gave himself a new birth and a new NAME.
Living the life he thought was absolutely FREE, he met new FRIENDS



And at times, a SPECIAL FRIEND

He wanted not to BE strong but to FEEL strong

He wanted to MeaSuRe himself at least once…
and find himself in the most ANCIENT of human conditions

Facing the blind deaf stone ALONE

With nothing to help him but his own hands and his own head

Then he walked  INTO THE WILD

…and found the meaning of real HAPPINESs

1 comment:

  1. isa sa mga paborito kong pelikula na hango sa tunay na buhay. - Doms


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