Tuesday, June 5, 2012

L is for Let's Celebrate Freedom

I have two and a half hours left here in NAIA Terminal 3 before my boarding time. Too short to write something that would cause a social change but long enough to at least remind everyone of our Independence.

The Philippine Independence has evolved through time. We were freed from the Spaniards, the Americans, the Japanese, and not long ago, from a fellow Filipino! It changes in form, yes, but the jubilation is the same every time the Filipino is liberated! And sadly, each time too, the Filipino takes this FREEDOM for granted!

We forget that, unlike our heroes, we no longer have to convene in caves. We no longer have to write two masterpieces to stir a revolution. We no longer have to live in fear in Boston and miss our family. We are free! Free to explore caves and not convene in them. Free to blog about anything, to entertain, to inform, to make money and to start a trend without the fear of getting incarcerated! We are in an open country! We are free to access information. Free to pointlessly listen to ‘Rolling in  the Deep’ on Youtube to be inspired to write something ambitious as to remind people of the value of Freedom.

Let’s remember this gift of our heroes! Let’s celebrate this freedom while it lasts!

And what better way to celebrate our independence than by doing something we are free to do this comig Independence Day!

Mountaineers, trekkers and runners across the country are on the frontlines  of this campaign to commemorate our Independence.

The annual Freedom Climb has been celebrated for a few years now. Last year’s Freedom Climb  attracted the most support as well as the most attention and criticism. But the seeming aberration in  last year’s event resulted in something positive in the Philippine mountaineering community. The campaign for responsible mountaineering got stronger than ever! And the mountaineering community has gotten much bigger! More and more people are getting lured into this healthy and rewarding lifestyle. At the same time more and more people help in protecting the environment.

The controversial Freedom Climb 2011 led to the establishment of Freedom Walk! And this year, the community became fragmented. But divided as we may be, we are all UNITED in one mission—to reach out to our less fortunate brothers while protecting the environment.

This year three big mountaineering-related events will take place in Luzon this Independence Day!

 1.       FREEDOM CLIMB 2012 (FIMO)


   2.       FREEDOM CLIMB 2012 (PNMS)

   3.       FREEDOM WALK 2012 (SRMP)

In the Visayas, two less publicized events will be held

            1.       FREEDOM TREK VISAYAS (Visayan Trekkers Forum)

Behind all these events is a noble cause! Support the cause by supporting the event. Check out their websites and be guided accordingly!

Or you could just criticize the event, the organizers or the blogger, because we are all free to criticize! Or you may just sit at home or in your office and  open your Facebook. These are the pleasures that Bonifacio and his friends and traitors bequeathed to us. They sacrificed their lives so that we may enjoy this freedom. Don’t let their death be in vain!

As, I board the plane tonight, I am filled with the joy and hope that even if I have not convinced you to celebrate our independence, I have at least caused you to think! Sometimes we need to be reminded that the freedom we’re enjoying now may be fleeting compared to the 300 years of bondage under Spain. Let’s celebrate our independence this June 12th! Climb, Walk, Camp and Trek while you can! Don’t wait until this airport is renamed again in honor of another hero. Don’t wait until we can no longer watch videos on Youtube or connect with friends through Facebook. Don’t wait until every criticism is silenced by a headshot! Don’t wait until a foreign country succeeds in claiming our islands one by one from the shores of Palawan and onto the Visayas!

Nobody knows when this freedom is going to end! Celebrate it while it lasts!


  1. A very interesting site, indeed. :)

    I agreed when you said, 'FOLLOW YOUR HEART! And DON’T REGRET IT in the end. Instead learn and grow from it!'

    Last year, i joined FC 2011 and am happy with what i have achieved for myself. Seeing and feeling the wonder of nature, reaching the summit and traversed Mt. Maculot. Pero nalungkot ako nun makita ko yun naging epekto nito sa bundok dahil sa dame ng mga umakyat dito. Nasira an trail at an mga andameng basurang iniwan ng ibang grupo. Idagdag mo pa an ibang andun na walang ginawa kundi nag.inum at nag.ingay sa kalaliman ng gabi na walang pakialam na nakaka.istorbo na sila nde lamang sa kapwa ganundin sa kalikasan.

    This year, i want to be part of (another)Freedom activity. I have seen those three posted. On the first one, i instantly said NO. The program is same as before and i don't want to commit the same mistake again.

    The second one, i read their site a few times and decided to give it a try. Considering that June 12 was a holiday, i could join the third one, too. And i did! It's tiring but it's all worth it.

    Dalawang simpleng pagtitipon pero may makabuluhang adhikain. Wala kaming ginawa na pag.akyat sa bundok pero ramdam ko na mas nakagawa ka ng mabuti sa kabundukan at kalikasan.

    Sana maisip ng karamihan na mga mahilig umakyat ng bundok na hindi kailangan sa lahat ng oras panhik ng panhik. Bagkus pagyamanin an sarili sa kaalaman kung paano ito mapapangalagaan at isabuhay sa lahat ng pagkakataon.

    Thanks for your posts and sharing your thoughts by presenting both sides of the equation. Keep it up, sir.

    1. Saludo ako sa iyo Mam Bham! Dalawa ang dinaluhan mo! pero sa tingin ko mas mahirap ang urban trekking! pero kinaya mo! Gustuhin ko mang samahan ang mga kaibigan ko sa FW, tamad talaga ako maglakad sa mga lansangan ng Maynila.hehe kaya hanggang 'Good Luck' at 'Congatulations' na lang ako. Masarap ang pakiramadam na maging soloista...pero kakaiba din ang pakiramdam kapag kasama ka sa isang malaking pagtitipon! kaya ano man ang ating pasya, lagi nating ikagalak at h'wag pagsisihan! More power sa mga Pilipinong Montenero!


YOU deserve a holiday!

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