Sunday, February 17, 2013

Life After the Mountains 2

somewhere in Minglanilla, Cebu

I still love the idea of camping solo. But the idea of running the countryside and climbing a rock wall excites me more. That’s why I’m still putting camping on the back burner.
Minglanilla: December 24th, 2012
Jake and I met in the Columbia Eco trail run in Liloan, Cebu last year. We could easily tell that we were both trekkers in the past. I was alone and he was all by himself too. A few months later, we met again at the Salomon adventure trail run still in Liloan, Cebu. Then we became friends.
Jake the ultramarathoner
Last December 24th, he brought me to the trails in his hometown in Minglanilla. It was a fun 21km run. When I came back two weeks ago, after my three-week assignment in Luzon, we ran the same trail but we couldn’t finish it owing to my fatigue.  
The fun thing about running the countryside is that it is just the same as road running minus the traffic and the polluted air. And when you do it alone or with a buddy, you get to see stunning views all to yourselves plus the congratulation that you’re not doing it just for the singlet!

Jake and I plan our runs the night before the run itself. Last weekend, we decided to put a little twist to our runs. We put Cantabaco rock climbing at the finish line. This way, I was able to put together two of the things I love after the mountains!
Manipis-Jaclupan Road

I finished the 21km run without cramps and I was able to climb three routes in Cantabaco afterwards. 

the Cantabaco crag

Manipis-Jaclupan Rd. going to Cantabaco

Green: Manipis-Jaclupan
Blue: Minglanilla


  1. That's one loooong run! the views at manipis are really great! kudos for finding a new passion:)

  2. padayon ra sa pag lagataw sir! there will and always be life after the mountains!


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