Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Things to Keep in Mind Before Having a Solo Climb

You've been climbing for awhile now, and you love to go on new expeditions. After gaining a lot of experience, you have decided that you're going to go on a solo climb. What do you need to keep in mind before doing so?

Truly Enough Experience
A solo climb can really help you to get in touch with nature on a spiritual and personal level; however, you need to be honest with yourself before embarking on your journey. Do you really have enough experience? For how long have you been climbing? Have you encountered all of the possible scenarios while climbing, and do you know how to handle them? If you answer these questions with no, you really need to evaluate if this climb is right for you.

Emergency Alerts
You're probably going to have your cell phone on you when you go on the climb, but you surely know that losing cell reception is more than a possibility. Come up with a system to let people know that you are okay. You might want to wear a tracking device so that individuals can find you if they have not heard from you in awhile. It's also wise to go on a trail that has been deemed safe and on which others will be climbing. You just need a way to stay in touch.

All the Equipment
When you are going on a climb with other people, you might actually be more concerned with safety than you are when going alone. You do not want other individuals to be hurt on the climb, and you want to ensure that you have all of the appropriate equipment. Do not skimp on these safety preparations for yourself! You need to have plenty of water, a first aid kit, a blanket to keep you warm and all of the other essentials. On an entertainment level, take a camera with you to record all of the wonderful memories that you make along the way.

Have a Spotter
Now, if you are very young or still somewhat inexperienced in the field of climbing, it might be better to have a person "spot" you. Basically, the person could be climbing a few hundred yards or so behind you. You are still doing the climb by yourself, but you have someone nearby in the event that an incident occurs. If you absolutely do not want this type of setup, opt for a place where a lot of people go climbing. Do your solo climb at a time of the day that is quite populated. Safety is the ultimate goal here, and that goal is better achieved when other people are around.

A solo climb is an exciting opportunity to learn more about yourself and nature. Unfortunately, a number of dangers do exist. You could fall, become injured and wind up having no way to get in touch with help. Some of the preparations require you to be a skilled climber, but you also need to consider the safety components.

Author Pam Johnson is an extreme CIA agent who loves the thrill of her job. She specializes in homeland security and received her degree from one of the Top 10 Best Online Homeland Security Degree Programs. Not Only does she enjoy a thrill at work, but also in her spare time, which is why she decided to take up mountain climbing

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