Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Alone atop Mt Pulag (February 20, 2011: 1200hrs)

Another month has ended and a few more mountains have just been crossed off my list. And I met some more new mountain buddies: I finally met Sir Migs Castillo, Ma'am Cham Derige who was with Sir Melo Sanchez during my invitational climb Sir Rheyson Cornilla who was very helpful in my physical conditioning joined me on my Pico traverse on the second weekend of February. Sir JM Quezada whom I met in pinoymountaineer.com happened to be my neighbor. We had a T5-Ice session at Grilla. I also met Sir Bhenjo Bernardo of Sabiterz Tribe a couple of times in February and I was with his group during his birthday celebration in Anawangin Cove last weekend (March 5-6). 
Mt Pico de Loro traverse day hike (Feb 12, 2011)
Aside from being friendful, my February has been my most climbful month in the sense that I accumulated 9,225+ masl (30,200+ ft asl) of climbed elevation. My February opened with the First Lagataw Invitational Climb in Mt Pulag (2922+ masl) via the Akiki-Ambangeg route on February 5-7. The weekend after, I traversed Mt Pico de Loro (664+ masl) for the second time this year from Ternate to Nasugbu in a day.
My Columbia Titanium Mobex which was very helpful during my day hikes in February
On the third weekend (Feb 19-20), I did a double traverse double day hike expedition covering Mt Timbak (2717+ masl) and Mt Pulag (2922+ masl). I see March to be full of beaches but come April, I’ll be up in the mountains again! See you on the trails!

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  1. Thanks for the special mention sir don,lets do an T-ice session again..hehehe.. Sana makasama naman ako sa mga climb mo., Hope to learn some tricks and techniques from the master of endurance climbs..


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