Sunday, February 8, 2015

Exploring Canyons and Chasing Waterfalls

This could be my first canyoneering expedtition
Last Sunday, I saw where a river is born. That gave me the idea to follow where it leads. But the thing with travelling downstream is that it is not safe to jump off a waterfall along the way without knowing what's down there. So yesterday, I decided to travel upstream and set the birthplace as my destination.

The canyon
Taking only my hydration pack and a plastic bag to secure my stuff, I headed for the river. I ran downhill (on a dirt road) and after about 12 km, I went down a trail that leads to the river. The river is not rocky and turbulent so this first canyoneering expedition of mine was less dangerous for a solo traveler.  I was just disturbed by the silt and sand that would go into my shoes.

I had to constantly rid my shoes of silt and sand
I would normally feel scared because that was my first time to do such an activity but I was too busy enjoying the view and the too excited to do another kind of exploration. The only thing that would intermittently make me lose focus was the frequent appearance of the blue birds with red beaks...and once, a snake on the trail while I bypassed the first cascade. 

The first pool...slit a trail on the right side and encountered a snake
The views were great. Some parts reminded me of 127 Hours. And the river is not cluttered with packs of snacks and other debris.

The second pool. Rock scrambling on the left

The third pool that i could no longer bypass. I had to do some swimming
I had to bypass the deep pools a along the way I was avoiding swimming and risking getting my stuff  wet. But I could no longer find a way around the third pool so I had to swim. With a little rock scrambling I managed to get myself up the small waterfall. To my surprise, my hydration pack is actually waterproof! The plastic bag where I secured my stuff didn't even get wet. When I emerged, I saw the most majestic rock sculptures I have ever seen.

If you Photoshop the sight in your head, you'll see Ralston
Shortly after the third pool, I came across a taller waterfall which I could no longer bypass. I felt frustrated that I couldn't reach the birthplace. But the sight of the waterfall was more than enough consolation. That was the end of my journey for me. So after about two hours on the river, I had to call it a Sunday! Next time, I'm travelling downstream! I need one buddy who can swim and a rope! 
My journey ends at this fourth pool

Next time, we start at the birthplace!


  1. That's a very beautiful place, Sir! Can you PM me where this is?

  2. sir pde ba aq na yung buddy may rope din aq ahahaha


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