Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lagataw's Not Dead

Ten years of climbing doesn't mean there's no room for discovering new trails
When I climbed Mt Batulao last weekend, I had already come to terms with the reality that mountain climbing in the Philippines has become as clicheic as going to the beach.

But what happened today proved that the outdoors has not become fully saturated with weekend warriors altogether. Ten years of climbing doesn't mean I can no longer find a destination near Manila that is not crowded. I just had to activate that heart of a lagataw, who will just look at a faraway vista or a hill or a gorge and believe that I will find something that can make me stop running to relish the view. That's all a lagataw needs to take the first step in a journey to discovery.

This may not be as vast as Asik Asik Falls but equally charming nonetheless
Today, I found a trail that could give me at least 15 km of hill training. As an added bonus, I found the birthplace of a river. It may not be as grand as the Asik-Asik Falls but the fact that I could have the place all to myself for as long as I wanted makes the destination equally enchanting and much more worth visiting.

And a river is born!


  1. ohhh.. the waterfalls is indeed great... please share the location and how to get there...
    i understand you may want it to be private but kindly email us the deets...
    TIA... cheers to more climbs :)

  2. place looks great. id understand if u wanna keep it to yourself :)

  3. I hope you can just keep this...
    Blogging this place may cause deterioration of the place. Meron din akong isang lugar na ilan lang ang akong dinadala.
    The last time na nag punta ako sa norzagaray for rhino at lioness rocks.. Ilan palang ang nkakaalam but when i post it on my blog nag sunod sunod n ang mga events sa site na yun. When i revisited the place just few weeks ago.. Ang kalat at ang dumi na ng trail.... Kalungkot

  4. Better leave it that way... Thank you for preserving it... Good job on exploring! God bless you

  5. this is not near manila

  6. Those are very beautiful and pristine places. :)


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