Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How I Pack

This is how I pack for a two-day / one night expedition:
Expedition: Arayat Traverse
Location: Ayala, Pampanga - Arayat, Pampanga
Date:  June 4-5, 2011

Things to remember before you put everything in your pack

  1. You must have a blueprint of the order of things you will need while you're doing your expedition. Things you always use should be readily accessible. Put them on the pouches, top load or side pockets. 
  2. FILO (First IN Last OUT). Make sure that the first thing you'll put in your pack should be the last thing you'll need to use during your expedition. 
  3. Group your stuff according to their use and composition. Don't pack your rubbing alcohol together with your tocino, you feelin' me?!
  4. Individually pack each group. Apexus Outdoor Equipment in Kamias (09165931910) sells color-coded sack bags. But for guaranteed water proofing, use plastic shopping bags instead. If, packed properly, your clothes make comfortable pillows.
  5. Distribution of stuff among members of the climbing party should be equitable (not equal).
  6. In general, heavy items should be stored close to your back. Cushy stuff (sleeping bag, tent body and rainfly) should go to the bottom. For technical, difficult and uphill terrain, heavy stuff should be stored low and close to your back. For smooth and rolling terrain, heavy stuff may be place at a high position. 
  7. Maximum carrying load ≤ 1/3 of your body weight

Earthpads give your backpack its framework and protection for your packed stuff. At night, earth pads give you cushion for a good night's rest.
Waterproofing is essential in backpacking. In addition to the minor waterproof packs for your grouped stuff, there should also be a big plastic bag that will waterproof everything in your pack.

Secure all fragile and sharp objects.
Utilize all available space.
Always bring extra plastic bags. You'll use them for your wet clothes and muddy shoes on your way home.
It is good to sandwich fragile and rigid items between soft items.
If the expedition involves trekking at night, the headlamp should be readily accessible. 

Things you usually forget to bring:
  1. slippers/sandals
  2. towel
  3. toothbrush/toothpaste
  4. knife/can opener
  5. arm warmer
  6. shades
Butane canisters should be vertical.
You may transfer bottled liquor into lighter containers

Avoid bumping or jolting your pack. Something might break inside.
When not camping, it is good to store your stuff (e.g. tent, sleeping bag, hammock etc) in your pack.

Always use your backpack cover! Baggage compartments in buses are not squeaky clean! Your pack will be stained. They also waterproof your pack.
Secure your buckles. Someone might step on them and break them.
Cinch your compression straps and snug down lid (top load) straps after packing to stabilize the load and reduce load shift.


  1. Kaila Sharlene C. delos ReyesJune 29, 2011 at 8:37 PM

    --> nice one.. :)

  2. asTig ka talaga master ..kilala mu ako hehehe.. from paramount :P

  3. Sabi ng mentor nmin dati ng nagsisimula plang ako sa hobby...
    (Backpacking lesson) "Sige, isalpak mo.... tsaka mo tigilan pag nagrinig mong umiyak yang backpack mo...".. hahaha!


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