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TNF 100 Baguio 2012 Results

Josiah and the other 50km podium finishers

I can’t think of any other way to start this article than to express my gratitude to all those who believed with me. I believed in Josiah and so did you! Now we’ve put him in his rightful place on the podium. Thanks to Lukas Lakwatsero, Bhenjo Bernardo, Jules Picato, Jesus Calupitan and friends, and Allan Palomares.

Cordillerans Rule
Josiah with the trail legend Iker Karrera who finished first in the 100k event

The recently concluded TNF100 Thrill of the Trail in Baguio was participated in by more than one thousand trail runners around the world including the trail legend Iker Karrera and one of the top adventure racers in the Asia Pacific region Ryan Blair.

The podium was dominated by proud Cordillerans! The men’s 100K event was ruled by the Salomon athlete Iker Karrera from Spain who clocked in at 12: 27: 19 followed by Joel Bengtay (14: 38: 55), a 3-time podium finisher in the TNF100 100K event. On the third spot was Modesto Madalang (15: 34: 30), the 100K event champion in 2110. Bengtay and Madalang are both from Baguio.

Another runner from Baguio, Dino Mantilez emerged victorious in the 50K event with a time of 6: 25: 28 followed by our very own Josiah Ballagan from Benguet with a time of 6: 41: 15. HongKong—based champion racer Ryan Blair crossed the finish line third with a time of 6: 50: 33 and a limp.

In the women’s category, two women from Baguio finished strong—Geraldine Sealza came second in the 100K event and Merychelle Morales placed first in the 50K event.

When I saw the runners from Bukidnon, Jemarvin Cabilan and Leo Colonia at R.O.X. in Camp John Hay during the race briefing, I was worried for Josiah. The two placed 1st and 2nd last year in the 50K event where Josiah finished 4th. But with the event held more than 1000 meters above sea level, Josiah and the rest of the Cordillerans took advantage of their adaptation to thin air.

Tough Trail
Thumbie and Josiah with the medics

According to Josiah, the trail was more difficult and treacherous than the one in CamSur last year. His time last year was 10 minutes better than the one he recorded in Baguio last April 21. Elite racer Thumbie Remigio did not finish the race owing to the injury he got when he rolled down a slope early in the race. Experienced skyrunner Cheryl Bihag almost didn’t make the cut-off time for the 100K. Last year she finished earlier in the same event. Others who did not finish blamed both the marshals and the tough trail.
The trail was indeed treacherous that the organizers had to shorten the 22K and the 11K distance runs for safety and technical reasons. But thanks to Ted 'Doc Everest' Esguerra, the injured were given immediate medical attention.
with Doc Everest

The Road to TNF100 2012

Josiah and I had fun and was challenged last year in the TNF100 CamSur. We promised to do better this year. So after the TNF100 CamSur, I registered him in the Merrell Adventure Run last year and the Mt Ugo Akyathlon in February this year. He finished 8th in Merrell and 5th in Mt Ugo. A week before the event, he participated in the 1st Kennon Global Marathon where he finished 8th. In TNF100 CamSur, Merrell and Mt Ugo, he used my Columbia trekking shoes which provided minimal traction with the ground. This time, he used my Salomon Crossmax 2 which gave him optimum performance. I had to solicit financial support from my friends to register him in the race this year. And he didn't let us down! He is the golden boy of Philippine trailrunning! The TNF100 will still be held in Baguio in the next two years so there is a big chance that Josiah will finally place 1st in the 50K event soon.
Soon, he'll be number one!

For the official race results click here.

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