Monday, December 11, 2017

Koi Grey on Outdoor Education

Koi Grey in Nepal. Photo by our good friend Kat Marasigan
There is no need for a biography of this man. Everyone knows Koi Grey and his outdoor exploits. What I want to share of him to you is his unconventional learning process. 

Like I said elsewhere, the hiking community in the country has ballooned in the last few years. And outdoor education has been challenged mostly by sales pitches of event organizers. You will always get educated by the outdoors one way or the other. The difference lies in who your teacher is. 

Introducing Koi Grey

Highest level of formal education: 2nd year high school
English communication skills (written): above average
English communication skills (oral): average
Photograjournalism: above average
Panitikan: above average
Physical education: above average
Geography: above average
Nutrition and health science: above average
Oriental philosophy: above average

A typical chat between two believers of mysticism and oriental philosophy. We both believe in mystical alignments and the cosmic abode of ideas.

Obviously he learned all these in the great outdoors. He exposed himself to a certain group individuals which served as a medium for the active exchange and flow of education. For instance, there was one time he heard a friend say 'P-O-V'. From that point on, he would grab every opportunity to practice using the term P-O-V.

That's basically the message of this post. If you surround yourself with people who love to talk about tae, you'll definitely learn a lot about tae, including not just its smell, but also its consistency, and the different ways to dispose of it. And there's nothing intrinsically wrong or bad about tae education (and absolutely no need for euphemisms). It's totally a matter of preference. 

Now would you rather learn about tae or flambe?

The outdoors is a melting pot of different forms of education. 

So choose your outdoor university.

2018 academic year opens soon! 

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