Monday, December 18, 2017

Tacadang Circuit: A Journey to your Soul

The rice terraces of Les-eng hemmed in by the plateau of Batangan and nourished by Talaktak Falls.
We first shared this route to some friends in August 2015. The objective was to offer a select number of outdoors people not just a journey through the hidden trails of Kibungan but also a journey to oneself. The route we take is unknown to mainstream hikers. Two years has passed after the first group did the Tacadang Circuit, and still you won't meet other hikers on the trail at least during the first two days. Mainstream hikers are often too busy sitio-bagging at Kibungan Cross Country. This route is dotted with mesmerizing views that make every trekker linger which, much to the organizer's distress, consequently delays the desired camp site ETA. 

The route is precariously beautiful.

I never knew cliffs could get this photogenic.

The captivating panorama of the rice fields in Tacadang

The ravine is lined with countless waterfalls.

On a rainy day, the valleys cry rivers
Every spot in the journey, including a simple bridge is good enough as a destination in itself.
Many feel resentful that we have to leave this pool of the gods too soon.
It will not boast 15 'mountains' on the route but the toughness of the circuit has made many participants ask themselves why they had joined the trek. Day 1 starts at 8 am and normally finishes at 10pm with trekkers all too pooped to pop. Day 2 is gentler as it starts at 9am and the party reaches the camp site by 4pm. Day 3 is almost the same as Day 1 in terms of length and physical demand. Rigorous training is necessary.

The night sky is enchanting. (Photo by Kevin Jason Manuel)

And you wake up to an equally mesmerizing morning view.

And before the day ends, a sky full of hope greets you with a smile.
It's hard to believe that gems like this have remained hidden in the Philippines for a long time.

But as it is, real beauty is always hard-earned.

So if you're the type who hates getting stuck in a trail full of traffic, or you're the type who's sick and tired of adjusting to the ETA of your team's  slow tail pack, or you're simply the one who wants to subject yourself to physical pain in a journey to experience an epiphany, or probably you're a couple who wants to put your relationship to the test, join us this February 16-18, 2018 for an unforgettable journey to the heart of Kibungan and to the depths of your spirit.

If this route were more accessible to mainstream hikers, it would be dangerous to get stuck in trail traffic at this segment, unnecessarily prolonging your itinerary. 
But it's nice to share the trail to a few qualified individuals.


See you at Tacadang Circuit 2018. Check out our Facebook page for updates and communication. 

This is your passport to an even more epic trek -- The Kapangan-Kibungan-Bakun-Ilocos Sur trek in November 2018.

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